Open protocol to implement FATF’s travel rule for virtual assets.

The protocol facilitates robust compliance for VASPs, solely based on a set of principles, regardless of jurisdiction or virtual asset and without membership or registration with a centralized third-party.


If you’re looking to participate in development or simply want to engage with the community, you can join the telegram channel and check out our Github repository.

Design Principles

In designing the OpenVASP protocol, we are guided by the following seven principles.

expand_more 1. Travel Rule Compliance

expand_more 2. Decentralized Approach

expand_more 3. Technology Agnostic

expand_more 4. Privacy by Design

expand_more 5. Broad Applicability

expand_more 6. Extensibility

expand_more 7. Efficient to Use


Read the OpenVASP white paper, which serves as a starting point for our work.

Published November, 2019 – 700kb

Funding Members



Below are answers to regularly asked questions. If you still can’t find an answer to your question, either join the telegram channel or engage with the community on GitHub.

Q. Do you provide a software?

OpenVASP is first of all a common protocol, open for different implementations. Both open-source initiatives as well as commercial software providers are welcome to provide their solutions.

Q. Is the white paper the final standard?

No. The white paper serves as a starting point, hopefully helping the VASP community to speed things up.